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That right! Zany Yare leaves no question unanswered in the Youth Circus’ end of year show Hypothesis. Science has never been so dangerous, as our performers conduct their investigations with a circus twist. Our Lab Rats will lead you through a maze of experiments; flying, jumping, juggling and balancing for that all important slice of cheese, and freedom. There will be aerial acts to amaze, with our space explorers getting caught in a worm hole, and even some death defying detectives! Don’t forget about the cleaners in this loony lab, as they show they can do more than just clean. And what about those Nerds, I thought they had been taken out with the trash…

The Show will answer the question, how does one fly when two acrobats present their most aerodynamic balances, all in the hopes of one day taking to the skies. Magical manipulators will mystify you while Medical trails will propel you to amazement with their subject’s tumbling skills.

The cast of Hypothesis is made up of circus enthusiasts ranging from primary school children, through to adults. They specialise in all areas of circus skill, from acrobatics and adagio to juggling, stilt walking, clowning, hula hoop and aerial acrobatics including tissu, trapeze, spanish web and aerial ring. So grab your lab coat! Line up your test tubes! Bond as you bring your family and friends as HYPOTHESIS is the element you’ve been waiting for!