Below are the annual, student performed productions showcasing the skills and talents of our many students at Zany Yare. You’ll find acts comprising of tissu, spanish web, lyra, juggling, acro, clowning and more.

Hey Diddle Diddle


The unknown story of Hey Diddle Diddle; a tale of fated meetings and the accidental brilliance — a circus spectacular!

Light Wave


This year we see a fusion of light with the awe inspiring, talented students of Zany Yare. Behold Constellations, Blanc Noir, and even an An-glow. That and many more.



A show of all things crazy, fantastic and most of all outrageous! See the Nauseous Neanderthals, some Fantastic Flying Flamingos, a few Aliens and many more zany characters.

Through the Looking Glass


Follow Alice in a circus adventure as she crosses Wonderland in hopes of becoming a Queen. Zany Yare's talented cast use acrobatics, clowning, juggling, stilt walking, hula hoop, aerial silks, trapeze, Spanish web and aerial ring to bring the characters of Wonderland to life.



That right! Zany Yare leaves no question unanswered in the Youth Circus' end of year show Hypothesis. Science has never been so dangerous, as our performers conduct their investigations with a circus twist.

Split Second


The year 2012 is nearing its end and with it, the world! But DON’T PANIC! Zany Yare’s beloved mad scientist, Doctor von Uckienstien, has invented a time machine before it’s too late! Join him on his crazy circus adventure through time!

The Golden Ticket


Based on Roald Dahl's famous story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Zany Yare's end of year show in 2011 journeys into the magical realm of Willy Wonker's Chocolate Factory.

Death Defying


Death Defying, a show about defy death as cast members propel themselves skyward on trampolines, gracefully skirt the dangers of gravity on ropes and trapezes, demonstrate daredevil style stunts on unicycles and flaunt an artful precariousness as they balance each other in a display of...

Peter Pan


This year the circus has run away to Neverland! Peter Pan, Zany Yare's 9th annual production, is in full swing with a cast of 30 young people polishing their amazing skills ready to entertain yet another audience.

Drop of a Hat


Zany Yare’s circus cabaret show “Drop of a hat” features juggling construction workers, contorting can-can performers, disco hula hoopers, acrobatic crash tent dummies, stunning aerial acts and many other circus titbits. “Drop of a hat” is a wacky and wonderful family fun show that will...

No Place Like Home


Click your heels together three times, say “There’s No Place Like Home!” and be transported to Zany Yare’s brilliant circus-style interpretation of the classic tale The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy’s dog Toto has been transformed into a skateboard, Glenda the Good Witch Hula-Hoops away, the...

A Bag of Tricks


A Bag of Tricks is a highly-acclaimed cabaret spectacular of all things circus. The company’s artists were encouraged to develop their own aerial, acrobatic, prop-manipulation, stilt-walking and unicycle acts to amuse & amaze audiences.

Alice in Wonderland


Zany Yare are proud to present their showcase for 2005, “Alice in Wonderland”. Journey with Alice through the rabbit hole as she encounters contorting sea creatures, hula hoping caterpillars and a living forest of aerial acrobatics. This production not only displays the amazing talents of...